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Welcome to the website of  Robert 'Goodlight' Pilari.

Photo Coaching, Wall Art & Commission Work

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NEW: Photo Workshops in Kraków

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1. Do you want to fully understand your camera and its possibilities?

Book my beginner courses to learn all the important settings and get started with your photography journey. You'll leave with a newfound confidence in your photography abilities, understand settings and get creative input for future projects of yours. No fancy equipment is needed to take good photographs! 

Book this Hands-on Workshop now: Beginner Course in Kraków 

2. Do you wonder how you can compose a photo to get a meaningful image?

Book my Photo Walk and I will explain to you my thoughts and composing techniques to stand out from the rest. Photography is an art and this is our approach. We talk, discuss and carefully release the shutter instead of mindlessly shooting around. 

Book this creative Workshop now: Photo Walk in Kraków

Call me now for a free consultation session

+49 176 87065374

Fine Art Photography for accommodation businesses

Do you want to enhance your business's image?

My service will help you to gain more customers, create a positive brand image and increase follow-up bookings. 

I travel since 2017 permanently and I know that authenticity is becoming increasingly important to guests. Customers want to stay in accommodations that reflect the local culture and history. By showcasing my local fine art photography, your accommodation will create a perception of social responsibility and community support, which will enhance the customer's trust. This will automatically lead to a positive brand image. Also, it shows a sense of pride and can point out the beauty of your specific location to convince a customer to travel right to you.


- High-quality wall art for your business

- Exclusive photo license for your website and social media 

- Professional real estate photos

Call me now for a free consultation session

+49 176 87065374

Kopie von Ohne Titel

Wall Art for your Home

Kopie von Ohne Titel

Do you want more than just a beautiful decoration?

Wheater it's a painting, sculpture or poster - it's sometimes difficult to decide how to decored your home. Therefore I suggest the following:

Get something you can relate to! A photo of mine can make you relive vacation memories, can bring you back to your old neighbourhood or can surround you with a landscape you feel the most comfortable in.  

You will get a daily dose of happiness to brighten your day.

Printed on award-winning paper - each image is an actual work of art that will stand the test of time.

My Portfolio contains photos from:

- Australia (NSW, Western Australia, South Australia)

- New Zealand (North and South Island)

- Germany (Leipzig)

- Poland (Kraków and Zakopane)

Commission Work

Do you need an editor for your landscape/architecture/ travel photos? 

Editing photos can be very time consuming and frustrating sometimes. If you prefer spending time outside, need support with a project or simply don't have all the necessary software. I specialize in using Lightroom and Photoshop to edit photographs, and I have years of experience. I'm here to help and make your life easier.

Software I use: 

- Lightroom       - Photoshop

- Lumenzia.       - Nik Collection

- Topaz Labs

I will work closely with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the final product.

Call me now for a free consultation session

+49 176 87065374

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