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Expressive. Colorful. Unique.

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My name is Robert and I love the challenge to reproduce the atmosphere of the moment and emphasize certain objects, by choosing unique compositions.

Due to camera filters and techniques such as focus- and exposure-stacking, I keep my photos correctly exposed and sharp from corner to corner.

In combination with serval methods to edit every part of the picture individually, I adept control colours and point out details to improve the story behind the shot.

To give my photos the final touch, I work with photoshop to create a mystical feeling. Thereby I hope to arouse emotions and invite the viewer to a short daydream about the beauty of our planet.

Ultra-wide-angle is my favourite style of shooting.

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Kopie von Ohne Titel
Kopie von Ohne Titel

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Are you interested in a bespoke artwork for one of your projects, advertising, or just something unique?

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St. Mary's Basilica, Krakow

Find them in the Art Gallery or here.

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