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Photo Tour Kraków: Beginner

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Book now: +49 176 87065374 / rob.goodlight@gmail.com

What to expect? 

In this hands-on experiential workshop, we'll cover everything from mastering the exposure triangle and understanding motion blur, controlling depth of field and managing noise in your images.

You will also learn how to read and interpret the histogram and use the correct metering mode and the exposure scale to handle difficult light situations. I will guide you every step of the way, providing personalized feedback and tips to help you improve your technique.

Plus, you'll be able to practice your new skills in some of Krakow's most picturesque locations, including the stunning Wawel Castle.

You learn:

- Exposure Triangle - Shutter speed; Apature; ISO

- Motion Blur

- Depth of field 

- Controlling noise 

- Read and interpret the Histogram

- Reading and interpreting the exposure scale

- Choose the correct metering mode in different situations 

What do you need?

- A Camera with a manual mode, a full battery and SD Card!

Available date:

- Every Saturday and Sunday

- 9 am - 11 am

- Meeting Point: Most Debnicki w Krakowie (Bridge close to Wawel Castle)

Group Size:

- Min. 2 Students

- Max. 4 Students

- Private Tour on request


English or German


- 250 Zloty per person or the equivalent amount in Euro

- Private Tour one person 500 Zloty or the equivalent amount in Euro

Book now: +49 176 87065374 / rob.goodlight@gmail.com

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Note: The example photographs of the tour are edited images. Depending on your camera the results can look different. This course is mainly designed to teach the basics of photography. 

Book now: +49 176 87065374 / rob.goodlight@gmail.com

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